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Why use a pro voice over artist?

A high quality audio recording from an experienced voice over talent is like your most effective salesperson creating a perfect first impression every time.

By partnering with Spangler Speaks that is exactly what you can expect. An efficient, effective, and high quality audio voice-over that will welcome your clients with a great first impression.

Spangler Speaks adds value to marketing departments and video production companies by providing professional quality voice-overs for commercials, corporate narration, and e-Learning modules.

What makes me different is that I have an understanding of the big picture! As someone who has formal education in film production and broadcasting, I know the importance of a video and its impact on the viewer.

I invite you to listen to my demos and reach out to so that we can discuss how I can elevate your next project! Contact me directly by email at, on LinkedIn or call me direct at (949) 372-9015.



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